6 Small Bathroom Design Ideas.

6 Small Bathroom Design Ideas.
July 4, 2019 Janet

When you have a small bathroom, it can be tricky on how to fit in everything. The great puzzle is always on whether decorating or adding accessories will take up the small available space. Despite all that,
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it is possible to combine functionality with style to a small bathroom. Below are a six design ideas for small bathrooms.

Use Shower curtains

A door takes up a lot of space in your bathtub or shower area. Thus utilizing a shower curtain is functional and adds style to the bathroom. Place the shower curtain rod close to the ceiling and ensure your curtain swipes the floor. It creates an illusion of height. It is recommendable to use curtain textures that allow light in, making the small space brighter.

Place the vanity at the corner.

A well-placed vanity is a necessity in a small space, as it creates harmony. Place the bathroom vanity and sink combo in a corner, maximizing on each unit within the bathroom. Choose a bathroom vanity that has storage features. It should have drawers and shelves, ensuring every inch of the cabinet is useful. You can store the necessities in the bathroom cabinet.

Mount bathroom hooks or towel bar on the door.

Within a small space, storage can be a significant issue. Mount a hook or towel bar on the door, ensuring you have at least one towel to dry off. You can store the rest of the towels in a nearby closet.
Wet room bathrooms.

The wet room is a modern style bathroom that is becoming common. It is due to its functionality while taking up a small space. It has a showerhead above the toilet, a small sink and a drain in the middle of the floor. One can add a curtain to create a sense of division and prevent water splashing all over. This style ensures you have all facilities within the small available space.

Lighten up space.

Light is essential for brightening a small space. For bathrooms with windows, natural light would play a significant role in lightening up the room. Choose curtains that allow the natural light in yet maintain your privacy. Do buy bright LED lights rather than colorful bulbs. You can add extra bathroom light fixtures and mount them above eye-level on the wall.

Make use of the mirror.

Bathroom mirrors add elegance when chosen to suit your space. Mirrors add more light to a room by reflecting the light creating an impression of ample space. You can place the mirror closer to the ceiling, for rooms with a low ceiling for a larger space illusion. If there is a bathroom vanity, place the mirror above it. The mirror should be of the exact size or smaller than vanity for consistent arrangement. An extra fixture would be a mounted light above it for more lighting.

One or more of the ideas for small bathroom design will ensure your space is functional and stylish. Now you can walk into your modern style bathroom with a smile.

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