Tile Grout Cleaner 5L

Tile Grout Cleaner 5L


This is a special product for cleaning both ceramic,terrazzo and marble floors either newly laid or old one whose shine has been dimmed by scum/soiling.When properly applied,this product will help restore the tiles /ceramics to their original shine.

Removes stubborn stains on Ceramics & Terrazzo quickly and easy

It is ideal for use on all ceramic and terrazzo floors in homes,hospitals and public places.

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Directions for Use:

Use the ratio 1:5 of clean water to heavily stained floors and /or ceramics and scrub with a brush,wait for about 5-10 minutes after wetting the surface with the solution then rinse well with clean plain water.

NB:Test for color fastness in a hidden corner to determine the ideal dilution levels before applying on the entire  area to avoid damaging the colors


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