Virony Bottle Traps

Virony Bottle Traps

KSh 300.00

Built in U-BEND technology.

Wide outlet and base.

Easy and secure to fit.

Keeps your bathrooms and kitchen hygienic.

Available in 11/4″ and 11/2″ sizes.

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This Virony bottle trap essentially uses a P-trap-style bend known as “U-Bend” which has an internal partition.

When waste water is drained into the main drainage from your kitchen sink https://jamjos.co.ke/product/homart-kitchen-sinks-sbsd/

there is a huge build up of foul gas which if not prevented,would escape back up the waste pipes and eventually into your kitchen and this would be unbearable!

The bottle trap is built with the U Bend technology that works by ensuring that there is water sitting just below the level of the outlet and these water is only replaced when more water is poured/drained into the pipe

The sitting water in the U Bend forms a blockage for gas trying to get back into the kitchen.

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1 1/2", 1 1/4"

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