What to consider when choosing bathroom tiles.

What to consider when choosing bathroom tiles.
July 27, 2019 Shiku Muriithi

When building or remodelling your bathroom, one important feature is the bathroom tiles. Choosing bathroom tiles is essential, unlike other room tiles. You have to put into consideration temperature changes and excess water.

In the market, there are a variety of pipes, in different designs, materials and colours. It makes bathroom tiles, a complicated process. Before you buy tiles for the bathroom, consider the following factors.

Your bathroom design.

Before you start shopping for tiles, you have to decide what design you want for your bathroom. There is a variety of colours and shapes you can create your desired bathroom design. Here are several designs you can consider.
 Urban Hotel Bathroom Design – It has a luxury look and feel. To create the look, you can choose grey, black and white colour palettes. You can always add minimal soft colours to brighten the space.
 Natural Bathroom Design – It has a nature-like touch. It utilizes textures such as ceramics, stones and wood.
 Decorative Bathroom Design – It has a bold and cheerful look. To create the look, you choose decorative and colourful tiles.

The above designs ensure you have a modern style bathroom.

The shower space

In case your shower space is a small space within the bathroom, you can choose to use different tiles. When it comes to the shower space floor, use anti-skid tiles due to the slippery nature of the surface. You can use these tiles for the whole bathroom, even the walls to create a one-piece look.

Choose your tile scale preferences.

It is important to choose them beforehand to avoid stressing due to the variety of sizes. Tiles are available in different shapes, squares, rectangles and hexagons. The standard tile sizes range from, 2 x 2, 8 x 10, 12 x 12, 18 x 18, and 12 x 24. You can always choose smaller or larger tiles, depending on your preferences. For an elegant look, larger tiles are preferred to smaller tiles. To create modern style patterns, you can choose hexagon tiles.

Keep it at no more than 3 different shades.

It might be tempting to mix and match different shades of colour. But you have to choose to avoid creating a busy look. You can start with the floor tile colour, and then select the wall tile colour. For the wall, you can choose a colour that contrasts the floor colour. Also, you can choose a feature tile for one side of the wall. It creates the focal point of the bathroom and adds elegance.

Consider the maintenance of the tiles.

Due to the wetness of the bathroom area, maintenance is vital. Choose tiles that have minimal maintenance or are maintenance free. It is possible to buy tiles at a lower rate and spend a lot of time and money to maintain them. Natural stones need a lot of cleaning as they hold on to dirt. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are some of the low maintenance tiles and are suitable for the bathroom.

When you consider the following factors, you are now ready to buy tiles and create your modern style bathroom.

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